PilotThis site is "Read only". From 1 October, join the Digital Profession to post and find short-term mobility opportunities.

We've moved to the Digital Profession

From 1 October, join the Digital Profession as a Practitioner to post and find short-term mobility opportunities across government.

We're still working on finding the best short-term mobility solution for the APS. This new phase of short-term mobility opportunities is another way for us to learn what our users need.

We're excited to test the next phase of the short-term mobility opportunities and we welcome your feedback:

Complete 3 minute survey

If you have any questions or feedback, contact us at specialist.advice@apsc.gov.au.

A truck carrying a billboard of six happy people standing under text that says 'oneAPS opportunities' moving in the same direction as the 'Digital Profession members community' street sign.

A place to find flexible work opportunities across the Australian Federal Government to help deliver outcomes for the citizens we all serve.

Want to get involved?

All Federal Government employees can participate.

You can choose to post an opportunity or apply for an opportunity.

Check out our blog post for a story of an opportunity in action.

Why would you apply for an opportunity?

Make connections

Your new colleagues may be down the hall or across the country

Build skills

Advance your career by developing new skills and experience

Make a difference

Use your talent on short term
opportunities that are meaningful to you.

This is part of a pilot program run by the Digital Profession team at the Australian Public Service Commission.
If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at specialist.advice@apsc.gov.au